Saturday, April 26, 2014

TTV documentary NIE DO WIARY: Kolumbowicz

TTV NIE DO WIARY: Kolumbowicz

Thursday, April 3, 2014


The Fraud of Columbus' History and Identity Exposed by Manuel Rosa

Audience reaction to the April 11 presentation.

Manuel Rosa's lecture on, "The Fraud of Columbus' History and Identity Exposed" at Duke, was convincing and riveting. He presented many different examples of fraudulent documents that perpetrate the myth of Columbus, and was also able to answer salient and deeply probing questions with the ease and diffidence of the best academic scholars. Maybe he should team up with Dan Brown to publish the next best seller that would take America and the world by storm to get the truth out.
- Salvatore Mungal

Manuel – clearly you are well read on this controversial topic…

That said, as I sat in on your lecture, I found myself dividing my thoughts into two different mindsets 

1) From the perspective of you, the speaker, explaining your journeys from some obscure picture or story (don’t recall what it was) in 1990s, to the campaign of trial & tribulation experiences you have endured  
2) And from the viewpoint of how so many individual fragments seem to fit together, as you have investigated this potentially falsified historical adventure, over the years

I have always been infatuated by those ‘who done it’ type stories, books & movies and you have presented a very compelling historical narrative, that captured my attention…  I have always viewed the ‘Christopher Columbus’ story like many other ‘Daniel Boone’ or ‘Wyatt Earp’, like stories of some truth / some myth / some legend…  But you have opened my mind to viewing the ‘Columbus’ legend as a ‘who shot President Kennedy’ type story…  My thoughts now turn to:  what a huge plot executed by so many people!  And why?

I enjoyed it – glad I finally got a chance to sit in on one of your lectures and now find myself wanting to learn more about this topic…

- Mark Peedin


at 11:55am

Duke University - John Hope Franklin Center
2204 Erwin Road Durham, Durham, North Carolina 27705

Come hear guest speaker, Manuel Rosa, Historian and Author of 5 foreign language books on the falsified history of the "Discoverer of America". Mr. Rosa participated in the DNA studies of Columbus bones, has been featured on BBC and WNPR and will present facts gathered over his 23 years of scientific research that show the current history of Columbus includes fraudulent documents, intentional lies, and patriotic inventions, all meant to cover-up the true identity of Columbus as well as his real reason for the 1492 voyage. A controversial author of a controversial subject that has puzzled academics for 500 years.

The audience will have opportunity to ask questions after the lecture.

Sponsored by Duke's Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies and Mi Gente 

- Free to the Public 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Manuel Rosa makes to Down Under

Clancy Tucker's Blog - Storyteller, Author, Publisher, Photographer, Human Rights Activist, Social Justice Campaigner and sometime poet.

Interview with Manuel Rosa, author of COLUMBUS: The Untold Story

2 April 2014 - M. D. ROSA - Guest Author