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Book Review: “Columbus - The Untold Story” The incredible story of who Columbus really was...

Columbus: The Untold Story 
By Manuel Rosa 

Book Review 
Until now, this book was only available in Europe and only available in Portuguese, Polish, Lithuanian and Spanish. Now, this gem of a book has been translated into English and needs to be read by an English-speaking audience. The Book Seeks a Publisher. 
In Columbus: The Untold Story, Manuel Rosa has achieved a degree of excellence rarely seen in historical books of any kind. That is especially true regarding books about Christopher Columbus or Cristobal Colon as he was known. Rosa’s research is so compelling and provocative, it was difficult to put down the book. 
The shocking story is not the usual fare of an historical figure. Without a doubt, this book has all the elements of the greatest spy thriller in history. It is grounded in well-substantiated facts. Rosa was meticulous in his arguments that the Columbus we thought we knew bore no similarity to the real man. Colon was a man of mystery and many secrets, secrets that have withstood 500 years of investigation – until now. 
For over the past two decades, Manuel Rosa has doggedly researched Cristobal Colon and his results will astound even the greatest skeptics. His findings should be the cornerstone of any historical account of this spy and double agent who charmed his way into the Spanish monarchs’ court and duped the world. Colon possessed such cunning and genius that it is doubtful that he has an equal even to this day. 
The real Colon was no wool-weaver from Genoa. He was the son of a king. He was a man of letters, not the self-taught and inept man history books would have us believe. His navigational skills were incomparable. He used his talents in order to position himself for his greatest mission, one that only a few people really knew. 
King Joao II of Portugal recognized Colon’s ability and he also knew his true identity. He and Colon had a common goal, a goal that included creating a diversion for the Spanish monarchs. The fantastical journey to “India” that was presented to King Fernando and Queen Isabelle was a glorious ruse. 
Rosa deftly presented the incredible facts about Colon and inserted those pearls of remarkable value throughout the book creating a treasure trove beyond compare. Through Rosa’s expertise, we are able to walk in the footprints of Colon. We discover Colon had to hide his identity even to his dying day. Although throughout his life, he seemed to leave clues regarding his real identity, clues Rosa uncovered and confirmed. Through cryptic signatures and letters written in code, Cristobal Colon was the James Bond prototype, but even Bond didn’t possess abilities like Colon’s. 
If the real identity and mission of Cristobal Colon were presented to a world court today, Manuel Rosa’s work would serve as the indisputable proof about this man’s identity and his mission. It is a masterpiece of great historical significance that hopefully the world will not ignore. We owe it to ourselves to know the truth. Thanks to Manuel Rosa, we now know the truth about Cristobal Colon, prince, explorer and spy.

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Secret Letter from Portugal's King John II written in 1488 to his secret agent "Xpoval Colon"
in Seville. Letter was found in Columbus archives presented for the first time in Rosa's book.

The incredible story of who Columbus really was...

Columbus: The Untold Story 
By Manuel Rosa 

In the book, Columbus: The Untold Story, Manuel Rosa makes a formidable case that disproves almost everything we know about Christopher Columbus or Cristobal Colon as he was known. For instance, Rosa states that Colon was not a peasant, not the wool-weaver the history books have led us to believe. Rather, he was of noble birth, the son of the exiled king of Poland. 
If we’re to believe the historical accounts of Colon, then we should accept that he was a self-taught peasant, a poor sailor who stumbled upon America by blind luck. However, Rosa proves with indisputable facts that Colon was well educated, spoke several languages and was an adept navigator. In fact, Rosa presents the case that Colon had to have been of noble birth. Therefore, he was able to marry into the Portuguese nobility. Even Colon’s brothers and children were given positions within the realm. 
With the help of documents and letters, Rosa clearly offers a sound rebuttal to Cristoforo Colombo, the "Columbus" peasant from Italy. 
The true reason for the deception is covered in great detail in Rosa’s book. As a genius and great navigator, Colon had a mission of his own, something he carried on from his father. His brilliant scheme to persuade the King and Queen of Spain that he could reach India by sail-ing west was a necessity in his work for the King of Portugal. The ruse was a complete success. 
Further, Rosa proposes and then proves that Colon knew that it was an impossibility to reach India by heading west. His mission, according to Rosa, was to divert Spain’s attention from the true India and the spice trade and have the monarchs focus on the New World. This was all done at the behest of Joao II, King of Portugal.  

The recent news stories about the alleged finding of the Santa Maria, Colon’s flagship are inac-curate according to Rosa. Colon intentionally ran the ship aground, and fired a cannonball at the ship while it was on shore. He intentionally disabled the ship and took the pilots with him so that the others could not return to reveal his secret mission. 
Rosa presents us with the facts that Colon was working as a double agent, a spy working for and with the King of Portugal against Spain. He also reveals that Cristobal Colon was a man of many secrets. Rosa reveals those secrets by using even more documentation leaving the reader with little doubt as to who this man was. 
According to Rosa, Colon wrote a book of Prophecies and was especially interested in the Apocalypse. Apparently, Colon had every intention of building an army to conquer the Muslims in the Holy Land. Additionally, Colon hoped to finance the rebuilding of Solomon’s temple. 
The real Colon, as Rosa presents him to us, is far different than one we ever suspected. His was life of intrigue and many secrets. Yet, Rosa seems to have solved the mystery with sound docu-mentation. 
Recently acquired by CMC (June 2014), The Book seeks a publisher. CMC intends to create a variety of multimedia products from the unabridged works of Rosa, including a major studio feature film based on the book. 
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