Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Columbus Was NOT Italian and didn't know Italian language .NewsMax with Ed Berliner

Columbus Day debate on Mid-Point with Ed Berliner of NewsMax:
Published on Oct 13, 2014
Manuel Rosa, Author of “Columbus: The Untold Story” and John Mancini, executive director at Italic Institute of America join the panel to discuss the history of Columbus Day.

MidPoint | Manuel Rosa and John Mancini | Part 1

MidPoint | Manuel Rosa and John Mancini | Part 2

NewsMax mistakenly named me "Manuel Rosa -Colon" and this just goes to show how even in modern days the media cannot get it right. I have asked them to correct this mistake but still it remains.
The same thing happened with Colón in 1493. April 1493 printer Pedro Posa changed the name to Colom while printing Colón's First Letter, then the Bishop of Monte Peloso again changed the name to Colombo when the letter was printed in Rome May 1493.... and the rest, as they say, is History, although a false and invented one. What a conundrum, I have been working so hard for 23 years to let the world know that Colón's name was mistakenly changed to Colombo/Columbus in the mass media and now I have the same problem with my own name of Manuel Rosa being changed to Manuel Rosa-Colon!!!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Christopher Columbus Was Not Italian!

Was Christopher Columbus Polish Royalty?

Christopher Columbus’ origins have long been shrouded in mystery – was he Italian? Spanish? Greek? None of the above:
In fact, his father was a Polish king, argues Columbus expert Manuel Rosa. Rosa holds that the adventurer’s father was King Vladislav III, who was not killed at the 1444 Battle of Varna, as thought. Instead, old Portuguese documents support Rosa’s theory that King Vladislav went into secret exile, married a Portuguese noblewoman, and had a son who, argues Rosa, went on to become known as Columbus. Columbus lied about his own identity to protect his father’s real identity.

After 23 years of research and with five academic books published, Manuel Rosa sets out the case that conventional understanding of Columbus’ history is not only misleading but utilizes false documents in support of an invented Fairy Tale about a Genoese wool-weaver.

THE POLISH AMERICAN BUSINESS CLUB, THE POLISH INSTITUTE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES and PSFCU cordially invite to a book signing and a lecture by Manuel Rosa titled:


WHEN: Columbus Day, October 13th, 2014 @6:30pm

WHERE: Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences of America,
208 East 30th Street, New York, NY
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Mr. Rosa’s 23-year investigation unearthed unknown facts regarding historical documents discovered in various countries, the information that the supposedly Italian Columbus did not even use Italian in his letters, not even to his brothers. Add to this the sheer impossibility of a peasant Columbus being able to marry into the socially-superior nobility in Portugal plus have direct access to several monarchs in order to carry out his quest and it becomes apparent how the history we learned was not accurate. In short, academics now are forced to acknowledge that the Discoverer of America was no simple wool-weaver’s son from Genoa.

According to Mr. Rosa’s research, Columbus was in fact the son of a Portuguese noblewoman, and the mysterious Henrique Alemao, a false Portuguese name utilized by none other than Wladyslaw III, former King of Poland who lived incognito on the Portuguese Island of Madeira.

Manuel Rosa is a Portuguese-American historian and author who emigrated from the Azores to the Boston area in 1973 with his parents. In his early professional life he was employed as a graphic artist working on books and national magazines including The Atlantic Monthly and Boston Magazine and currently works at Duke University. He is also a recipient of the 1976 Boston Globe’s Art Merit Award and the Lockheed Martin Lightning Award. For the last 23 years, Mr. Rosa has investigated and searched out the facts concerning the Christopher Columbus’s discovery of America utilizing a non-biased scientific approach that has taken him to Portugal, Spain, Dominican Republic, Poland and many places in-between in a relentless pursuit of the truth.

The new information he garnered about Christopher Columbus resulted in the publishing of his first book in 2006, O Mistério Colombo Revelado in Portugal, followed by COLÓN. La Historia nunca contada published in Spain.
In May 2012, Kolumb. Historia Nieznana became a bestseller in Poland and in February 2014 Kolumbas. Atskleistoji istorija was published in Lithuania.

Another nutty conspiracy theory!! That’s what I first supposed. I now believe that Christopher Columbus is guilty of a huge fraud carried out over two decades.” - James T. McDonough, Jr., Ph.D. Professor for 31 years at St. Joseph’s University.

Mr. Rosa’s tenacity as an investigative historian results in an undeniable case for Columbus being a highly skilled, international spy whose real identity and mission is, only now, coming to light,”! said Thom MacNamara, production executive, who is adapting the script for Chelsea Multi-Media.! “We believe this will be a blockbuster, thriller film that will reveal the surprisingly sophisticated world of fifteenth century, geopolitical espionage.”!