Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama Descendant of European Kings

Great people usually descend from other great people and our
President-Elect Barack Obama is no exception. Barack Obama has
as his ancestors on his mother's side great men like King Charlemagne (died 28.01.0814)

Hugh Capet (died
24.10.0996)Robert II le Pieux, King of France (died 20.07.1031)

and William the Conquerer, King of England (died 09.09.1087)
and many other great man of European history including
Foulques V le Jeune d'Anjou, King of Jerusalem
who died in Acra 13.11.1143.

Hail to the Chief,
and Hail to Great Men.

(to see the full genealogy follow his mothers lineage on this great site.

A red ball identifies the descendants of William the Conqueror, king of England;
A yellow ball the descendants of Charlemagne, Holy Roman emperor and king of Italy;
A dark-blue ball the descendants of Hugh Capet, king of France;


Picoense nas Indias de Colon said...

You are making assumptions that Barack Obama's mom was Stanley Ann Dunham so far there is no "uncontested" proof that she was his mom. There has been no Physical Birth Certificate which could be examined by qualified documents experts.
Teh mistakes made about "Colon" are now being made about a man that has HIDDEN and SEALED all his Records and Documents.

If Columbus/Colon's story needs to be corrected so TOO does Barack Obama/Barry Soetoro's. A huge FRAUD has been perpetrated just as big or bigger than Columbus/Colon.

Until Documents are shown and unsealed we are to assume that his story is NOT VERYFIABLE or CORRECT.

Historians need to Demand he release all his Records especially his Original Birth Records. We can elelct a president on some JPG on the internet.

Anonymous said...

é evidente que não lhe podiam faltar os Smarties!...

Anonymous said...

@poicoense nas indias de colon , i wish you shut the hell up, obama is a good man, him and his family, you dont need to see who is all his personal information, his mother is dead so why would he lie, he rules the world, i dont see you asking about other world rulers before him,you just mad because his a black man, get over it, obama knows everybody knows who his mother was and she was white and father was a african black man, let it go, everybody has haters,leave obama alone, i love obama and his family, god bless him,:-)