Friday, May 23, 2014

No Santa Maria wreck off the coast of Haiti!

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“Columbus - The Untold Story” author refutes recent supposed discovery of the Santa Maria by treasure hunter Barry Clifford. 

May 16th, 2014, Dallas Texas Columbus - The Untold Story is sensational, but true! 
“Columbus - The Untold Story” book author Manuel Rosa vehemently disagrees that a recently discovered ship wreck is the remains of the Santa Maria; one of three ships used by Christopher Columbus on his famous journey and supposed discovery of the “Americas”. Rosa should know. He is considered an authority on the subject, having lectured all over the world. 

In Rosa’s comprehensive 480 page book, a completely different version of events is offered with compelling proof, gathered from over twenty years of academic research on the subject. Published in Spanish, Lithuanian, Polish and Portuguese, the English translation is ready and the book seeks a Publisher. Rosa disputes the recent discovery for many reasons cited in his book. The author offers a qualified rebuttal in print, or interview. 

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