Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Christopher Columbus Fraud of the Santa Maria Sinking Exposed

Unraveling riddles and falsities of Christopher Columbus. His nobility, the location of Natividad, and the Santa Maria’s true fate.  (New article in Spanish academic jounrla sheds light on Columbus' double-dealings, fraud and deceptions.)

Admiral Don Cristóbal Colón*, discoverer of the New World, and the Genoese wool-weaver, Cristoforo Colombo, were two completely different persons. The official history continues to be supported by vague sources that do not stand up when confronted with the actual facts of Colón’s life. One of those important disregarded facts was the Admiral’s 1479 marriage to the noble Portuguese Filipa Moniz Perestrelo, Comendadora in the All-Saints monastery, a Commandery of the Military Order of Santiago. Filipa’s social status at the time was incompatible with that of the Cristoforo Colombo, weaver from Genoa. Colón’s close connections to King João II of Portugal and the high consideration that he and his sons received from the court of Castile indicate that Colón was a person of a social status incompatible with the weaver presented in the famous Raccolta. Admiral D. Cristóbal Colón’s life remains, in many aspects, shrouded in mystery by his own deliberate implementation. Colón hid his true identity and family origins, even though, by all aspects, he was a nobleman with a coat of arms and was elevated to Viceroy of the Indies. His preponderance for lying misleads us about the shipwreck of the Santa Maria on December 24, 1492, which as shown below, was intentionally beached at today’s Caracol beach in Haiti to serve as the beginnings of Fort Natividad.

I. The Noble Don Cristóbal Colón. II. Who was Filipa Moniz. CONCLUSION.

Keywords: Cristóbal Colón (Christopher Columbus). Filipa Moniz Perestrelo. Fort Natividad.;

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